i miss giffing omg i havent giffed in like a month :(

if you guys have anything you’d like giffed, pls send me an ask and i’ll get to it asap <3

i should also think of smth for bap’s 1000th day lol but im rly uncreative poo, if u guys think of anything let me kno pls ty ; w ;

Smile?¿? #selca

Smile?¿? #selca

140922 - Twitter - Himchan

제일사랑하는5명중 한명과


With one of the five people I love most

trans. cr; nicole @baptrans ; take out with full credits

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😗 #selca

😗 #selca

[!] Vote for B.A.P


B.A.P have been recently nominated as Korea’s Best New Singers at the Korean MTV EMA’s.

This award would mean a lot to B.A.P, and we’re sure that nothing would make them prouder than seeing BABYz unite to get them this award! There’s some fierce competition but if we put our minds to it we can get B.A.P this very much deserved award.

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